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    Where do i post for help!
    where do i post if i have a question about mac software issues? seems like everywhere i post is the wrong place.... is there a right place for general questions?

    i like this site so help me to use it properly


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    Where do i post for help!
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    You just have to be really specific in your questions about Mac software.
    Is your question about OSX? Or music software? Photo/video software?
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    Where do i post for help!
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    Start at the main page. Look at all of the forums listed and read their descriptions. Find the one that most closely matches the topic of your post and then click on it. Post your thread within that forum.

    Also, don't forget to enable email notifications for subscribed threads in your User Options under 'Profile'. This way you'll get an email notification anytime someone replies to one of your threads.
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