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    Tutorials and Tips

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    If you made the tutorial forum a sub forum of the switchers forum it might work. Then it'd be obvious who the tutorials are aimed at. And the pros can ask their pro questions without feeling all of mac-forums is dedicated to the switchers.

    I think the tutorials should be done as locked topics. And all tutorials need mod approval before being posted. Just so there is not 150 of the same tutorial there. And so each tutorial is worded well. Cause we have a professional feel about this site. And if the tutorials are really good they can help others. And of you think a tutorual that passes mod approval needs to be fixed you PM the tutorial author. And of nothing happens there you then PM the mods about it explaning what you think needs editing in the tutorial. And if the mods reject a tutorial they should give a good explanation why. And the mods should not really edit a tutorial then post it. They should just be there to accept or reject them and point out all the spelling errors etc. Because with locked topics the tutorial authors can't edit their own tutorials. But it makes the tutorial authors really plan and write the best tutorial at the start and not post it and edit 50 times later. And in the mean time switchers could be getting potentially the wrong information.

    I know that's a little more work for the mods here. But I think it's better. As I don't think every little thing needs a tutorial. Only the most important and most frequently asked questions should have a tutorial. I don't see this subforum as a question and answer session as the rest of the forum is. I see it more like the Apple knowledge base on the Apple site. A refrence you can go to for information.

    And to kaidee you didn't necropost here so it's ok.

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    Tutorials and Tips
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    We have tried to have FAQ and Tutorial forum a few times in the past. Unfornately there has been very little participation in them so we killed them off. It may be something to try again in the future, but for now, feel free to create threads in the appropriate forums.

    Another option is to author a blog post with your tutorial and we can feature it on the Mac-Forums blog.
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