Ok, so I recently got a 233 Mhz WallStreet G3 Powerbook from my teacher. No USB, no CD Burner (it does have a cd reader), no Firewire, 2GB HDD, 32MB RAM, a tiny trackpad, and a 14.1 inch LCD. And of course, no Wi-Fi, and running Mac OS 8.5. So I decided to attempt a little networking. I hooked a Cat6 Ethernet cable from the 'book to my 4-year old, faithful Windows XP desktop. Now, i've tried and tried, but I can't get the two PCs to share the connection. If it matters, the desktop connects to my dad's XP PC using Wi-Fi, and my dad's PC connects via wired internet. My browsers on the 'book are Netscape 4 (I think) and IE for Mac. Please help me.