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    WTT PowerBook parts for iBook parts (PC100 RAM, Battery, etc)

    So i had a powerbook g3(lombard) and now I have a clamshell iBook G3, and I need a couple things for the clamshell and I don't need somethings for the PowerBook (im making that into a digital picture frame :-) )

    I have 512 PC-100 (2X256MB) That I would like to trade for 256MB or 512MB PC100 or PC133 as the RAM doesn't fit in the iBook, its too tall! Shoot.
    It has to be low profile. The brand is "NewerRam."

    I have a PowerBook G3 Lombard Battery, believe it or not it says it has 3 hours of life on it!
    I just need a clamshell battery that will hold a charge for at least 30minutes as i upload pictures to facebook/m-f from my car outside mcdonalds lol.

    I would like an original airport card.

    Also i would like the LCD ribbon cable from a Lombard/Pismo, as i have ripped mine trying to get the cord off the hinges.

    Or i'll take a wallstreet lcd.

    If you have anything let me know,

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    Oh btw if somone gives me a 512 or 256 stick for the clamshell ill throw in the 128 stick thats currently in the clamshell in addition.

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    Oh and if anyone has a white escape key i'll pay a bit for that LOL, kinda weird, but the black one doesn't look as cool with all the white ones, maybe i should mix and match!lol.

    I also have keyboards from the PowerBooks too.

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