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    FS: 12" iBook w/ BT+SD+AE, 30GB iPod Video, iBook parts, 6GB iPod Mini
    I thought this iBook's logic board was failing, turns out it was just a faulty stick of ram. Ugh, stupid ram. Anyway, the iBook's back on the market! I'm selling a rarely used iPod Video as well since I've grown more attached to my Nano. I accept PayPal. Also available for pick up in or around Los Angeles.

    12" iBook G4 1.07
    30GB HD
    768MB Ram
    4x Superdrive
    Airport Extreme installed
    Panther CDs
    Original Box
    $650 shipped OBO

    12" iBook G4 1.2ghz
    30GB HD
    256MB Ram
    Combo Drive
    Airport Extreme installed
    Logic board replaced by Apple last week
    Applecare til January 2008!
    Pending Sale

    30GB White iPod Video
    Barely Used
    Still in plastic wrapping
    Includes box and copy of receipt
    Purchased in February '06 and eligible for Applecare
    $255 shipped

    iBook Top Lid and Bezel from G4 : Removed the cracked LCD and has some light typical scratches on the lid - $25 shipped
    iBook top case w/ working trackpad and bottom case - $40 shipped (I have two sets)
    Apple Bluetooth Keyboard - $45 shipped

    Silver 4GB 2nd Gen iPod Mini
    USB Cable
    iPod Mini Dock
    $125 shipped OBO

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    Added two more iBooks and reduced prices!

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    how low are you willing to drop for the ibook(s)???? im looking for a cheap one.

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    PM me with an offer :]

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    I also have a 6GB iPod Mini I'm looking to get rid of!

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