Want Mac Mini or iMac- one later than PPC but no need for more than anything newer than 2 generations back. Possibly the first dual core Intel or the one right after that would do it. I have a ppc Powerbook and am fully satisfied with it but need Intel capability for one program which is not available for PPC. Or Windows for an alternate program (MT4, if you're familiar) - not even the fanciest Windows, just one of the later ones.; otherwise, Leopard or Lion.

Need keyboard and mouse (but not monitor in the case of a mini).

Florida locations will be preferred if we can ftf.


Ikelite underwater housing (250 ft.) #6141.

Sony TRV-7 Digital video (miniDV) camcorder with Amphibico Dive Buddy underwater housing, camera works well, nice condition.

Canon 10 x 42 L IS, image stabilized binoculars

Canon 8x32 WP binoculars

Fogg Handmade camera bags: Celia-III and M6 pouch. Like new.

HP Photosmart 7550 printer

Fluke 92b scopemeter, like new.

Sony PMC-107 tabletop stereo, essentially new (never used, just sat and gathered dust)

Panasonic DVD-A120 dvd and cd player

Sony SLV-d350p vhs player recorder and dvd player combination

JVC HR-S4600U S-VHS recorder player. I never used it, just sat around.