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    FS: Iphone, Ipod touch , Macbook Pro , MAcbook air
    hey all, i no i have 0 posts apart from this but i cna ssure you i am not a scammer
    I have 100s of stock of these products, and i promise to beat both ebay and apple prices for them

    Iphone 8gb and 16gb
    Ipod touch 8, 16 and 32gb
    Macbook pro 2.4ghz
    Macbook air 1.6 and 1.8


    i am also interetsetd in setting up deals with stores and wholesalers

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    for iphone 16gb i want £275, 8gb £225
    for air i want £900

    those are some prices, are negotiable

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    FS: Iphone, Ipod touch , Macbook Pro , MAcbook air

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    Aug 20, 2007
    Colorado, USA
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    What are you asking for the MBPs? I'm looking for a good 15" model with the multi-touch and shipping to the US. I also sent you an email. Thanks.


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    FS: Iphone, Ipod touch , Macbook Pro , MAcbook air
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    Mar 08, 2008
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    How much for 8 GB iTouch?

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    email sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda View Post
    How much for 8 GB iTouch?
    140 posted with dhl/fedex

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    Could you pick up imac 20 or 24", dude?

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    yup, ill find out prices for you, please could oyu email me so i d ont forget
    thanks mate

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    Nice, but Dude, now I live in Hungary.
    The shipping could be solved??

    Thx in advance, then I am wating for your response.
    Have a nice day.

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    FS: Iphone, Ipod touch , Macbook Pro , MAcbook air
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    Jun 13, 2007
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    2.16 Blackbook 1gb/160gb
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    How much for a 16gb iPod touch shipped to the US?
    Macbook 2.16/2gb/160gb
    32gb iPhone 3GS
    8gb Black iPod Nano 3rd Gen

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    Dude, what about the procuts?
    Any improvement?

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    okay, as of now i only sell products with an moq of 20, so if all you guys want the smae item then tell me

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    where do u live ? I prefer to pick up because honestly u dont have any positive feedback in here ,so can I ? and will i have a discount if i buy more than 2 ? (iphone) Can u give me your phone number ?
    MBP 2.2 with great performance 8600GT and harman kardon soundstick II

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    Ye you have got aye... this person seems to be scammer...
    So maybe he lives near from you I hope and in this case you will able to filter him, it will be very great all of the person, and now i live in Hungary i will not be able to check him but i will want buy anything, if only iam looking for any sellers people.

    Thx in advance.

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    FS: Iphone, Ipod touch , Macbook Pro , MAcbook air
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    Mar 24, 2008
    San Francisco
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    MBP-2.5Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, GeForce 8600M GT with 512MB, 250GB SATA, 8X Superdrive
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    I will get the MacBook Pro. I think you have a good way to prove that you are not a scammer. Post the Item on ebay and i will opt for "buy it now" option, so all us have the some kind of way to trust you. And if you dont have good feedback in ebay, i would only send the payment after i receive the laptop.
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