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    Troubleshooting [rant]

    No, she doesn't. On the other hand, my iPad, which connects to her AirPods, has many: GoPro, dashboard camera, several BlueTooth speakers, my AirPods,etc.

    Ratsima Today, 08:54 PM Go to last post

    Using External Drives

    I have used external drives only for backup on my Macs. Not for anything else. My question is in way of wanting to expand the use of these devices. Rather

    Quilica Today, 08:45 PM Go to last post

    Troubleshooting [rant]

    Lucky man. Never good to play with fire like that.

    I can't think of a reason for the AirPods to work that way. Mine are paired to my iPhone,

    MacInWin Today, 08:42 PM Go to last post

    Troubleshooting [rant]

    This morning I tried them with my iPad. They connected right away and both sides worked. But, instead of showing up as "Patcharin's AirPods"

    Ratsima Today, 08:06 PM Go to last post

    mac 10.6.8 on a mac 24"

    Great info pm-r, Thank you. I need a recommendation for a new mouse for this mac if you don't mind.

    kfxx400 Today, 08:00 PM Go to last post