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12-10-2007, 11:05 PM
I'm probably getting a Mac notebook in a few months for college, and I was wondering if Microsoft Office worked on the Macs? I heard that a lot of college professors required a certain document format that the Mac version of Microsoft Office doesn't use and that it took a while to change the format of the documents. Is this true, or am I totally wrong?

12-11-2007, 12:34 AM
You are mistaken.

12-11-2007, 12:49 AM

12-11-2007, 12:58 AM
If for some nutty reason there is a problem with the document formats that the OS X version of Office doesn't support but that the Windows version does, you could always simply run the Windows version of Office using an app called Crossover. It works near perfectly and no need to install Windows.

In reality, you probably don't even NEED to use any version of MS Office to produce documents in the formats you need. There are plenty of alternatives that have varying degrees of support for MS Office's formats.

12-11-2007, 06:29 AM
I create documents, mostly reports, on my Mac, using Office 2004 (Mac) and recently Pages, in a total PC dominated office. No one has complained once about my documents.