View Full Version : Airport as USB server, how to stop it?

12-02-2007, 04:09 PM
I originally set up my Airport Extreme station to act as a USB server for an external HD with three logical drives. Since upgrading to Leopard, the Time Machine feature was more valuable to me than the ability to wirelessly connect to the external HD. So I moved it off the Airport station and direct connect it to my MacBook.

However, now when I startup my MacBook it continues to try and find that "server" and I get three (one for each logical drive) fail errors saying the server cannot be located or may be unavailable! Yep, that is true, it now is hard wired to my machine. The external is working great and I have no issues connected to it through my MacBook.

I have looked, and looked, and tweaked, and changed everything I can think of that might be making this MacBook look for that USB server, and cannot find it.


What little setting do I need to turn off to make these startup error messages go away?

Many thanks and a free fake iPhone to anyone who can help. ;D