View Full Version : parallels, bootcamp or VMware?

12-01-2007, 06:28 AM
im using a trial for VMware and it's ok i guess. I am having issues with the display window size though. i will be playing with both linux and windows from time to time. as i understand bootcamp is only for Windows, correct?

12-01-2007, 06:48 AM
No.. Bootcamp can host any OS. Only problem is the bootcamp menu will show it as Windows even if the partition is running linux.

12-01-2007, 02:08 PM
interesting. thanks for that. i didnt know it could do linux.

12-04-2007, 05:53 PM
parallels can run linux too as far as i remember

12-04-2007, 10:26 PM
parallels is a virtualization software. Most virtualization softwares support linux, windows even BSD installations

12-05-2007, 07:50 AM
whats the issue you are having with the window size, i recently installed VMware and windows on my MBP, and i havent had any issues at all and usually run it full screen

12-05-2007, 05:53 PM
I have also never had problems with VMware...

I have even used it during a Keynote presentation with a primary and secondary display, and VMware was able to do both a primary and secondary display for windows at native resolution for both the projector and my built-in LCD.

I have never had a problem with window sizes with VMware.

12-05-2007, 06:22 PM
anytime ive tried to install unbuntu on Parallels v3, it errors out.


Matt Deasay
12-05-2007, 06:24 PM
Neither have I. I run XP Pro, Vista, and Ubuntu and I haven't had any issues. Parallels also works well, but I find VMware has better performance.

It sounds like you need to install VMware tools. While running VMware click on Virtual Machine>VMware Tools...

VMware tools makes a significant difference.

Ubuntu runs better on VMware than Parallels, in my opinion.