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Paul E
11-10-2007, 08:58 PM
I know it sounds like I am trying to make my life more difficult than it needs to be... I don't go out of my way to make life difficult for myself... I do that without really trying!
The set-up... A cable modem is in the part of my home ... where I previously had a home office. It is physically connected to my Airport Extreme. This gives me a strong wireless network to all corners of my home. My iMac is next to the phone landline in another part of the house. I connected a new 2 line Panasonic phone base unit to the landline for Line 1... Line 2 is the VOIP line and is connected to the 3102 voice box. Yes normally this would also be connected to the broadband modem. But as this is physically not near the phone/iMac set up, I needed to look for other options. After some pain, I have set upthe iMac as a router to the 3102 voice box. This seems to work... I have a strong VOIP signal and It can ring out and others can ring it. Unfortunately though, audio does not function on the VOIP line (it's fine on the landline). I have discovered others on the Linksys discussion boards with exactly the same problem and responses generally centre around port forwarding. I have tried implementing these suggestions... various port settings but I am unsure as to whether I am implementing these correctly or in the right area. I have been opening the 3102's settings via IP address. Linksys doesn't want to help me (I am not an agent or distributor) and my VOIP provider's help desk is of little help, in fact because the iMac is being used as a router they refuse to offer support.
Yes there is a Linksys wireless bridge' available that offers a solution (in theory). But before I spend more money on something that 'may' work, I was hoping to find some expertise out there.... hello VOIP/Mac/network experts...

03-17-2009, 04:24 AM
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