View Full Version : Leopard Networkgin Issues with Windows and NAS Drive

11-08-2007, 10:59 AM
Not sure if my post is specific to the Operating System room or Networking, but here goes..

I upgraded (upgrade-install) to Leopard last night and all seems to be smashing.

The only problem that is bugging me at the moment is networking!

I can see my Windows machine (Windows XP Pro) and get files from it but cannot drop any files onto it as "I do not have sufficient privileges" or something.

It says I am connected as Guest but every time I try and connect as anything else it doesn't work?

Thats that issue, the next one is to do with my NAS drive which houses all of my media. Leopard can see the drive but does not show any of its contents? bizarre, no?

Anyways, just wondering if anyone has any ideas/suggestions as to how I can get round these problems?


Chris :Smirk:

P.S. Despite these issues, Leopard is awesome ;D