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05-03-2003, 06:29 PM
Well I've made a start by starting off a download of the developers tools, currently at 8Mb of 300Mb+ @ only 24K per second so it may take a while ;), what else can anybody suggest that I might require.

I did try to download the Aqua interface reference document but couldn't get a connection (maybe the ADC site only allows one download at a time?).

Oh and if anyone would like to start up a wish list for apps or utility ports from other platforms then I may attempt one or two of them. I have converted games in the past from Amiga to Atari and PC to Acorn and even had a dabble with porting games to Linux, but a full blown game conversion is a huge undertaking and has all sorts of problems involved with it, not least of which is sorting out the licencing. Anything that is already freeware or open source may be a good starting point.

Oh and any other tips any other developers may like to impart would be appreciated.

(btw I didn't mention it in my intro but I am a professional Unix applications developer but my day job is primarily in HUGE systems, currently a national air traffic control system which is one reason I was drawn to X-Plane, so I like to unwind with bit more down to earth applications. ;))


05-04-2003, 09:07 PM
Ha, I knew everything was going too well. ;)

I have managed to figure out the developer tools and apps and have even downloaded and installed the Gnat Ada compiler, Carbon bindings and other associated stuff.

Then I tried to build the HelloWorld app in Ada and got a segmentation fault.

I've also found that the Project Builder is not exactly bomb proof itself, if you close an open Project window rather than using the official Quit option from the app menu or the stop button (which is usually hidden behind the app window itself) then it often takes out the whole Project Builder app.

As I normally do this in my work setting because it is far easier usually with Unix apps to just quit the main window rather than using menus I am going to have a tough time breaking myself of the habit. It is really frustrating to have to start up the entire thing from scratch again.

Next I'll try to build my very own application from scratch, any suggestions? I might start by trying to build a Cocoa wrapper for transcode.


05-04-2003, 09:16 PM
Yeah, Apple provides a lot of tools for developers.

Have you seen the interface builder yet?

05-05-2003, 06:42 AM
Originally posted by Emrys
Yeah, Apple provides a lot of tools for developers.

Have you seen the interface builder yet?

Yes, it was a Nib based Ada HelloWorld that wouldn't build. I'm gonna try the AppleScript and C++ versions next but I want to get the Ada version working as I have my own very pwerful Ada libraries I want to use (well they are actually Ada wrappers to well hidden C libraries with some extremely performance enhanced assembler bits).

I was expecting someone to ask "Why use Ada?", well now you know. Why re-invent the wheel. ;)


05-05-2003, 01:24 PM
i recommend using the Project Builder to open Interface builder if your going to use the interface builder at all. (i like it)