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01-21-2004, 01:59 PM
OK, I delved into Mac tepidly, I've purchased a used iBook on ebay, 700, 384, G3. Want to test drive this thing (arrives tomorrow) and see if it works for me. If so, a new G4 iBook next Christmas.
I've read all the forums for the past week and answered a lot of the questions I have. There are a few that weren't and I would appreciate your help.
1- Are there any compatible apps from a windoz machine that work on Macs.
2- Firewall protection, I use ZoneAlarm, do I need a Mac version or some other app.
3- Learning curve for a "switcher".
4- What browsers (use Opera and Firebird on windoz).
5- What about flash and other plug-ins.
6- Is there a Mac equivilent of the windoz update, and if so, how is it accomplished.
7- Do Macs have floppy and/or PCMCIA slots.
8- Why a dual boot OS (9 and X).

These are to get me started, Hope they don't irratate you too bad.

Thanks in advance,
Henry Taylor

01-21-2004, 03:24 PM
1 - you will have to check on the system requirements for what you have to see if it is hybrid
2 - built in firewall in OS X
3 - Depends can be from 2 days to 2 months depending on how easy you learn
4 - Safari (built in in OS X) is one of the most popular but there are mozilla browsers
5 - No problems
6 - System Update - Go to the apple at the top left hand side of the screen and click system update. much easier than windows update and doesn't need to be done as often
7 - there are the regular pcmcia slots like on peec laptops. there are no floppys in any current apples
8 - Dual boot was for people who were on mac from the beginning and had many programs that weren't made for OS X. OS 9 is not really necessary for a switcher

01-21-2004, 07:44 PM
Man, some of you guys are really into macs! lol, even though I am too.

01-21-2004, 08:10 PM
zapple and to think i have only had a mac for a total of 6 months. I just switched over in July

01-21-2004, 08:13 PM
Sweet, I got it this past Christmas, from my Mom and Dad. It is soooo cool.

01-21-2004, 10:43 PM
zapple and to think i have only had a mac for a total of 6 months. I just switched over in July

Hm....that should answer the learning curve question

01-21-2004, 11:24 PM
Hm....that should answer the learning curve question

it was great for me i got it on a monday during the summer (my only off day from work). so i had that whole day and i got lucky with work that whole week and was home by 11:30 took a nap and had plenty of time to mess around on it

01-22-2004, 01:05 AM
I just have to add to the learning curve. I am a recent switcher also. The first day I was completely lost. I could work around but did not know some little things like how to open the combo drive. I resorted to opening it through iTunes. Then I found the magic keyboard button. So much nicer then hitting a button on the tower. After the first couple of days it goes by fast. In a week I made my first cocoa program which I am still ecstatic about. It sure beats programming in DOS.

Tell me how Ebay works out. I am skeptical. I have wanted to buy an old clamshell iBook but am afraid of the risk. But the look of the clamshell is calling me. I also would love to write school papers in the park.

01-22-2004, 07:36 PM
Cool Zach. I like those versions of ibooks also. They look more flashy. I have an iBook myswlf, and it workd great, I have a G4, and for he bbay thing, I would mae sure you are paying for what you get. Just remember to be carful.

01-24-2004, 08:38 AM
OK. I got the iBook Thursday. So very cool. I'm feeling my way around and all seems pretty good. My delima is the previous owner is listed as the Admin and I can't make any changes. To correct this I believe I'll have to reinstall the OS and backup programs. My question is how. Is this a straight forward insert the CD's and go or is there some step I should include but am not aware of ( ended in a prep, I know). Any and all help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
And I did get this of eBay.

01-24-2004, 11:45 AM
just pop in the CDs. I recommend not opening the files straight from the CD but rather

Reboot the Computer
once it starts the boot up hold down C
it will boot from CD
When you get to the drive destination choice click installation options (something like that) and do a clean install