View Full Version : switcher essentials (how to geek out your Mac)

07-03-2006, 12:23 PM
So my 20" iMac should be arriving day after tomorrow, and I was wondering..

What are some essential things I should get to truly geek out my new Mac? Apps, utilities, widgets, accessories, tweaks, you name it, whatever you think is cool.

I've seen some screenshots of some membersí Macs here and they seem very customized and I would like to do the same. Any suggestions are appreciated and welcomed :)

07-03-2006, 12:38 PM
ShapeShifter is a good theme program. Its $20 to unlock it though... :(

CandyBar is good for your icons.

07-03-2006, 12:56 PM
I use Shapeshifter, Candybar, Pixadex, and MenuShade.

All of which can be found at MacUpdate.com (http://www.macupdate.com).

Mr Bobbins
07-03-2006, 02:01 PM
'Menu meters' is a good app that lets you know what your Mac is doing by placing information in the top menu bar and it's free. so give that one a try.

Download sites:


Icon and desktop picture sites:


07-03-2006, 02:48 PM
MenuMeters is a must if you ask me. I have not played with ShapeShifter for a while. Are the themes any better than they used to be?

07-03-2006, 08:04 PM
thanks for the replies guys! I can't wait for my Mac to get here so I can try some of this stuff out :D

07-04-2006, 03:09 AM
Cleardock is a must for me I can't stand seeing that whitish background behind my dock. http://www.unsanity.com/haxies/cleardock

07-04-2006, 05:41 AM
I use uno (gives you a couple of alternatives to brushed metal)
folderglance (right click on any folder to view, browse and/or open it's contents
I'm testing something called butler at the moment, It sits in your menu bar and allows you to browse your system through a series of hierachical menus. It's really customisable and has a web search bar built in. It uses alot of memory though so I am testing it to see if it's worth the tradeoff.

07-06-2006, 01:37 AM
Here are some programs I use on a regular basis:

1. Pixen (for making animated icons)
2. Image Well (a photo cropping/editing program)
3. Solitarus (because you can never have enough Solitaire - hee hee)
4. Beautiful Dorena (a really cool painting program).
5. Nvu (a stand-alone HTML composer)

07-06-2006, 03:20 AM
I use uno (gives you a couple of alternatives to brushed metal)

wow, that's an awesome program. it's always bugged me that osx has so many different looks.