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06-28-2006, 12:43 AM
Here's a very good reason to run out and buy a Mac immediately if you want to get any serious work done:

WindowsXP is the joke of modern operating systems because it is only able to run a very limited number of programs at once. If you freshly boot XP, no matter how much RAM you have, you will only be able to open about 54 IE or Explorer windows before you won't be able to open anymore. If you open about 3 major programs like photoshop, Eudora, etc. you will then only be able to open a few more windows before you reach the "resource" limit. You will still have plenty of RAM, and the swap file won't be big--simply, Windows XP has the same limitation as Windows 98--limited resources. Maybe the kernel doesn't but the "windows xp overlay" does. On OSX you can open hundreds or thousands of windows with no problems at all.

Microsoft is a retarded company and their products seriously suck. That's why no graphics/publishing professionals use Windows. It's good for a casual user who just wants to write an email, maybe take a look at some website. As soon as you need to do some serious work on it, like open a bunch of web browser windows, edit some photos, work with your email, etc. you'd be wondering why at some point nothing works anymore, and you are forced to close some of your windows.

This is not a real "multitasking" operating system, but a joke on consumers. It's amazing that nobody has reported this serious limitation that I could find. I had a hard time believing the limitation when I found it. I wonder if Vista will still have the same limitation.

I have used windows since 1995, and at this point I have decided that if I ever want to use a "REAL COMPUTER" I will have to use OSX. I am recommending to everyone who asks me now, to buy one of the new Intel Macs...


06-28-2006, 12:51 AM
Well, were all glad you found a OS you can enjoy. However, we don't need a flame war started. I think most of us here can agree both OS's have their advantages, some people do better with Xp others X.

Also double posting/threading is not acceptable.