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03-01-2018, 01:43 PM
Hi all

I am having a nightmare...

had iPhone 7 from work. I was told to use it as a personal device as well as there is never an issue with things like that. Went on holiday to UK. iPhone got snatched in horrible mugging. I cancel the phone straight away through Vodafone and get it locked etc.

I then went onto iCloud to erase my data etc. I forget my password... I ended up getting LOCKED out of my iCloud... then they offer to give me access through using my credit card details which I actually had stored on my MacBook Air (to copy and paste when shopping online). But it wouldn't recognise it because the card is now cancelled.

I gave them my new (temporary) number but when I go to iForgot it says 2 days left and when prompted to me to Enter your trusted phone number to continue.. which is my old number... though in the process a few days ago to get back into the account I gave my new number.

There are pics of the kids on the phone and notes that have other sensitive data... I am panicking and with the weather the way it is everything has slowed down.

I have already changed all my passwords on Insta/Gmail/Facebook etc.

Thanks guys hope someone has some advice or experience to calm me down

03-01-2018, 03:44 PM
Contact the Apple Customer Support folks in the country you are currently in or the one in your home country and explain your situation.

You'll need some ID to prove you are you and it was your Apple gear. Having any police report of the incident handy might help as well assuming you have something.

- Patrick