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12-02-2017, 07:54 AM
What kind of used macbook model that i can buy? i need it to be used as app development machine. any model or size from 2010-13? At that used price i can only afford. And i wonder does 2012 macbook air does the job nicely like lauching the program android studio without need to wait it to slowly lauch the program unlike my $400 2012 i3 4gb ram windows laptop often used lightly and im sick of it slowness even chrome slow to lauch and scroll were lagging tried everything to make it faster even fixing basic stuff speed no difference and no it was not the hard drive that cause it. when it was on windows 8 it did a little better job but still slow to lauch an app, i cant get printer driver works and windows 10 automatic driver even worse. Im done with windows as laptop

Why i chose macbook? because i'm impressed with someone mb but unfamiliar with it y'now rich bragster. She need my help with her itunes on her macbook and she need to download some "free" ' wink wink' music on it. i never use or touch any mac before and it's was soo fast even without dedicated graphic chip? I track it on internet It was 2012 model so fast at lauching any program as fast as i clicked it.

12-02-2017, 01:25 PM
What sort of app development are you planning on doing? If Android, then you don't specifically need a Mac, any (Windows, Linux) machine will do. If you intend to do iOS or macOS development, you'll need Mac and a recent enough one that can run the latest version of XCode which include the latest version of the SDK for those two platforms so that you can target the bulk of the devices out there.

The older the machine, the older the version of OS X/macOS that will run on it and in turn the older version of Xcode and SDK and more limited devices you can target.

12-03-2017, 12:00 AM
Yes, for android i forgot to mention if i buy new windows laptop again most of their os in my place laptop and pc under $799 somehow already came with pirated windows brand new even with factory seal and it was so unstable for heavy use.
Oddly enough it will became slower after few year of use even lightly used. more noticeable on laptop not worth if someone lucky their windows will do just fine but mine meh, i even barely see someone with older laptop because it would be super slow already. defragment would save some but mine not the case. And if i want to buy it with genuine os the only way is through online which require import fees so much added price i used to choose windows laptop gladly but, after all of it came with pirated windows are huge turnoff for me to buy it. the only cheap win product that came with genuine windows in my place are that $200 windows tablet. Now for laptop i choose mac. So i would would rather spend $400 on used macbook with stable OS instead of buying new windows laptop under $699 with pirated windows.