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11-23-2017, 02:08 PM
I have seen an old thread , that has the same issue i would like to solve


I plan to move a folder structure from a windows PC onto a iMac (purchasing soon)

i have a structure of
>Turkey 2004
>Florida 2008
these are all albums in photoshop organiser

But will simply be copied onto the imac
and then copied into picture folder

now on the photo app
i would like the same folder / album structure

so folder christmas
with albums 2004 , 2005 etc

it appears that iphoto would do this BUT not photo

i can create the album and then drag the same directory name photos across to that album
just there are 200 albums and 50GB of images
so would be great if the import could all be automatic.

the idea is then these will transfer to icloud photo library and be available on the ipad and iphone for viewing on other devices
and the iphone which is a 128GB version I create all the albums and add photos I have taken and that album and photos transfer across to the imac

11-23-2017, 04:22 PM
Someone who is more familiar with how Photos works with iCloud will have to answer your specific question. However, iPhoto is no longer supported by Apple which means if you puchase a new Mac it will not be included. And I don't believe you can download a copy from Apple as it has been removed from the MAS.

As to your other question about the folder structure.... migrating from a Windows machine to a Mac normally will not keep the exact folder structure that was in place. You should be able to create the same folder structure on your new Mac that you had on the Windows machine but it would have to be done manually. The Photos app that is included with macOS does a very good job of organizing but it may not be in the manner that you're used to or even like. Keep that in mind.