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11-16-2017, 05:37 AM
Hello everybody,

*I want to protect a number of MacBooks with High Sierra with Parental Control. For local accounts, this does not seem to be a problem. The MacBooks are also connected to a network account server, which is not the MacOS server, but an AD. Users always generate mobile accounts when logging in, so that they do not necessarily have to be connected to the server in order to log in. If I now activate and configure the parental control for such a mobile and thus locally stored network account, the settings are simply reset.

In my research I found evidence that the use of parental control with network accounts requires a schema extension in AD. Unfortunately, these entries are old and the links to PDFs that explain this schema extension dead or make a very outdated impression.

So my question: How to enable parental control trusted by using network accounts without MacOS server under High Sierra?

Many thanks for your help,