View Full Version : Files in Download Folders takes a while to show/appear

10-06-2017, 01:44 AM
Whenever I am in the process of attaching a file from the download folder to my email I notice that all files in the download folder takes around 2-3 minutes to show-up. They won’t show immediately after I click ‘Choose File’. Any idea why?

10-06-2017, 04:13 AM
A warm welcome to Mac-Forums.

To be honest with you, Julie, I don't know the reason, but I can suggest a couple of things to consider.

First off, reboot your Mac. Know it sounds daft, but is the first step I usually advise before anything else.

As a temporary workaround and as an experiment - Open Finder > Go to Downloads Folder > find the file and move it to the Desktop. You should be able to import to email very quickly.

BTW, is it only when you try to import from Downloads to email that the Download Folder takes so long to populate - or does this also happen if you go to Downloads via Finder?

Nice to know which Mac you have: Model/Year/Operating System etc.


10-12-2017, 04:38 AM

Your reply helped me a lot. The problem seems to be in the Download folder since it takes a while to show up all the files. However, Desktop location quickly shows up the files. I think I should restore my Mac since it has been a while. Thanks again Ian.

10-12-2017, 03:29 PM
It is not necessary to 'restore' Macs - this is not Windows. What Mac do you have and what operating system will help us assist you more. You may need a utility such as Onyx, do you have any antivirus software installed, and any other cleaning utility? these can be real resource hogs and can slow your Mac down..

10-13-2017, 02:27 AM
I have macOS El Capitan 10.11.5 and haven’t done any maintenance activity for a while. So, I thought backing up and restoring will be a good fit. No, I haven’t installed any antivirus and never will until Apple recommends.

10-13-2017, 03:19 PM
That is great. Suggest you download Onyx from the link below, making sure you select the el Capitan compatible version, and it is freeware. You will not need any of the so called 'cleaners' that abound in popups etc. We all need at least one current backup on an external drive Julie.


10-16-2017, 01:12 AM

I upgraded to macOS High Sierra and yes I had backed up all the files to an external. High Sierra is working good and I think I don’t require additional apps to tune Mac. What do you suggest?

10-16-2017, 03:53 AM
I hope there are so many files.

10-16-2017, 10:28 AM
Maybe remove the downloads folder from Spotlight, then add it back?

Open System Preferences > Spotlight.
Click on the Privacy button.
Click the (+) towards the bottom.
Select your Downloads folder, in the Search window Finder Sidebar.
Press Choose.
Close out and restart your Mac, or log out of your user account.
Log in to your user account.
Now add Downloads folder back into Spotlight, by removing it from the Privacy option.

10-16-2017, 12:43 PM
If you have a lot of files in your Downloads folder, it might take to load as well. I tend to use the Downloads folder as a temporary holder for things. So once I install an app or have dealt with the file, it is either deleted or moved away elsewhere..I seldom have more than a couple of files sitting in my Downloads folder at any given time..

If I do have anything in there, that's a reminder for me to go clean up.

Also, the Desktop is NOT the place to put all of your files because it is "visible" everywhere..:)