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09-21-2017, 03:40 PM
First look at iOS 11 (http://www.mac-forums.com/blog/first-look-at-ios-11/)

As most iPhone and iPad users know, Apple released its latest iOS update two days ago (Sept. 19). If the update hasn’t been offered to your device, you can trigger the upgrade by going into Settings/General/Software Update. On my phone and iPad Air, the process when smoothly and relatively quickly.… Read More (http://www.mac-forums.com/blog/first-look-at-ios-11/)
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09-21-2017, 06:03 PM
Nice info regarding iOS 11. I urge everyone to read thru this new blog by Tracey.

Thanks Tracey, nice job as usual. :)

Rod Sprague
09-24-2017, 05:16 AM
Nice blog Tracey. I too had big hopes for the Files app, it is as you say pretty much access for multiple cloud based services. I have added One Drive and Drop Box but I already had the apps.
I have found one use for it though. While syncing to iMazing I opened the Files app within iMazing and the only thing visible is Pages. But then I wondered what would happen if I dragged a file to that window, like an MP4 for instance. Although nothing seemed to happen when I opened Files on my iPhone 7 there it was in the Recents tab. From there I was able to select and share to Pictures where it was placed into Movies folder.