View Full Version : Yeti microphone and Imovie 10.1.6

08-17-2017, 03:02 PM

Yesterday, I purchased a Yeti microphone to use with Mac 10.12.6 MacOS Sierra, Imovie 10.1.16 to record a work interview. A test run worked perfectly; however, today I attempted to use the products and got nothing but static. I bought a new usb cable to check for bad connection and got the same problem. I have gone to Apple-System Preference-Sound and checked input-output and confirmed Yeti was selected for input. I used a different usb port with the same issue. I installed Garageband and recorded voice without problems. Tried Imovie again and nothing but static. I have watched Youtube, conducted a web search, and called the company with no returned call yet. Can anyone help?

Thank you,