View Full Version : iMovie issue

08-02-2017, 09:03 AM
I have 2 MacBooks and an iPad, but the issues are only on the <1 year old MacBook. I am using Sierra 10.12.6 and iMovie 10.1.6.

When I open iMovie theater, only a few of the movies show a thumbnail picture (first frame). If I click on any of them the movie will eventually open, but it takes a couple of minutes, which was never the case with this new MacBook with a SSD. The movies without a thumbnail picture will open, but they also take a long time. So the issues, which have only recently started and there have been no changes to the computer, are that iMovie is the only time I get the spinning wheel, movies take minutes to open-even short ones, and thumbnails don't appear on many of the movies. I have considered deleting the iMovie library thinking it would reload from iCloud, but I can't seem to verify that would work. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.