View Full Version : Copy pictures to mini-iPad

06-14-2017, 05:50 PM
I probably posted this somewhere else but I can't find it.

I am trying to transfer photos from my laptop running Windows 10 to my iPad mini. They won't transfer. Is it possible to transfer them?

06-14-2017, 06:01 PM
Do you have the Windows version of iTunes installed on your PC laptop? If you do, you can attach your iPad Mini to your PC via USB. When it appears, select it, and then select Photos. You can now sync the photos from your "My Pictures" folder on the PC to your iPad Mini by selecting sync, apply. Without iTunes, I do not know how you can move the photos to the Mini without a third party app. The "iMazing 2" app for Windows can do it but it is not free. iTunes is free.

06-19-2017, 12:58 AM
I use Syncios, also found a free version