View Full Version : iMovie beginner question exporting clips

04-01-2017, 11:51 AM
I am somewhat of a beginner at iMovie, and I am not sure conceptually how to do this. I have imported into iMovie tapes from the past. They are 60 or 90 minutes long. I want to scan through them and export clips of the choice parts, probably just a few seconds each. (For example, I taped my kids swimming in the pool, but just want the clips of each jumping in). But how do I do this?

Thanks in advance!

04-03-2017, 04:28 PM
You need to create a Project first. Then select and drag clips onto the Project Timeline. Then you can Export them.

04-12-2017, 01:22 PM
Ha, looking for imovie help myself when I found this. Not trying to deter anyone from the forum, I'm sure you'll get answers here too, but every time I launch Imovie I know I'm going to spend hours doing what should be simple. It's NOT a very intuitive program at all. But… try youtube. BE SURE you search for the specific version you have too. Enough changes that tutorials will be useless if your on a different version.
Then start fishing. Some are aweful and some are spot on. Believe it or not I found that kids can put together the best tutorials. Some of the real fancy professional looking ones blabber on and never answer the question.

Note; I was just searching yesterday for a different question and if you happen to have version 11, you can put clips side by side, or even insert a clip right over another. Previous version won't do that.
Again, youtube is your friend.