View Full Version : Removing attachments from previous posts.

03-16-2017, 06:33 PM
I would like to remove attachments on my posts that are no longer required. They take up space and jump out at me and contain some personal stuff. I have read a forum post made in 2012 and followed those instructions on how to find Manage Attachments which i had previously seen but couldn't relocate. So I then found that ok, I dragged the files down to the bottom section and an x ( for deletion) became available, I clicked it, was asked if I did want to delete the "assests" to which I replied OK, the image then disappeared from the bottom section but remained steadfastly in the top half and on the post itself.
I repeated this action several times but of course the outcome was the same.. It/ they still remained in place.
The bit I could be missing is to Edit the Post but I can't find that option anywhere. I go to the post and select Advanced to then be able to access Manage my attachments. But I never see Edit and do I need it ?

Thank you

03-16-2017, 09:15 PM

Members do not have permissions to remove attachments from posts nor can they edit posts that are old. Whatever you have posted here, attachments included, do not take up space on your machine. As far as you are concerned, whatever has been posted here or at any on line forum is only taking up space in the cloud.