View Full Version : Min-maxing Portable Video Editing Macbook Pro

03-14-2017, 10:43 PM

I'm trying to min-max a potential rig that I can use for portable video editing (undecided on Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, leaning towards Final Cut). I'm not editing anything crazy, mostly 1080p mini-edits or vlogs. My camera does take 4K footage though so likely try to use that as much as possible except for slow-mo stuff. Not really looking to play games.

Currently have a 2013 15" MacBook Pro but it has started to have issues with the hard drive so I'm looking at replacing as the costs to repair/replace are kind of high for a machine that might be replaced in the next couple years anyways. I do travel quite a bit and traveling with the 15" can be quite cumbersome at times (but I love having the real estate sometimes) so I was looking at the 13" MacBook Pros but don't know if the trade off in performance is worth it. These are the two machines I configured on the Apple website and I want to know if anyone has any insight on how the differences (i.e. use of dedicated graphics card, dual-core or quad-core) will affect what I'm trying to accomplish.

Attached are the setups I am considering.

Any insight is great or if you have any ideas on how I should proceed I am all ears! And if I've posted this is the the wrong thread I apologize, first time posting on any forum.

Thanks in advance.