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Darker Times
03-10-2017, 04:39 PM

I have posted a question similar to this in the past, so apologies for "sort of" repeating myself.

I have a number of HD recordings from my camcorder, recorded in 1080p @ 25fps (PAL). and I am happy with the quality of the recordings. A couple of years ago I bought Final Cut Pro (10.1.4) which I found easy to use and quite intuitive. However, when I exported to Blu-ray, I was less than impressed with the results. I tried editing in iMovie and exporting as a quick time file and found the quality was much the same. In eagerness, to find better quality, I tried Adobe Premiere Elements 12 and found when I exported to Blu-ray, the quality was far superior to the Apple apps, but the Adobe was unstable and sluggish.

Moving on two years, and having abandoned committing anything to Disc (which is what I prefer to do) I have come back to Final Cut Pro (same version) to see if I can tinker with the settings and get a decent output. Again, I am disappointed with the results, so decided to try the newer iMovie (10.1.4) but still the same quality output - mediocre! A friend then talked me into getting the new version of Premiere Elements 15 (having listened to me criticising the usability of the old one) and surprise...the quality is stunning compared to both Apple apps.

SO, what am I moaning about? Well, FCP is SO much more user friendly, it imports quicker, working on the timeline is faster, it's easier for iTunes and better for sound editing. So why can't I get the same kind of picture results from Apple as I can from Adobe? I've tried exporting in all the different ways - sometimes ending with MASSIVE files - but to no avail! Does anyone else have these issues. Endless searching on-line produces nothing, and I am at a loss!

Can anyone help or suggest something?



07-04-2017, 12:18 PM
hi there, don't know if you've solved your problem, i'm fairly new here, but do alot of video at work and use fcp x all the time.

have you updated fcp now? i think we're on 10.3.4 now, and it is so much better than early x versions.

i always do a master file output from fcp x and then convert it in compressor. very rarely have i had any quality issues

cheers for now