View Full Version : Syncing GarageBand track tempos from different sources

02-25-2017, 09:40 PM
I'm trying to create a GarageBand piece with three tracks. Two are recorded from live instruments. One is a MIDI file created in Sibelius. The objective is to play live duets with MIDI accompaniment (e.g. trios, quartets, etc.).

Specifically, I am starting with a trio for two flutes and cello (Haydn's London Trios). I have done the following:

1. Enter cello part in Sibelius 8.5.0
2. Set the tempo with tempo text
3, Export as a MIDI file

GarageBand File
1. Record two live instrument tracks with flute in GarageBand 10.1.5
2. Drag (import) MIDI file as a third track

The tempo of the MIDI file seems fixed and is not synched with the GarageBand tracks. What am I doing wrong?