View Full Version : Organizing Pic's From Old PC to Mac Photos 2008 MacBook

01-18-2017, 12:22 AM
I lost IPhoto as I have an old Late 2008 MacBook and just have Photos now. Running Yosemite.

I have a stack of DVD's with photo backup and large files of organized and unorganized photos from my XP computer. I want to organize them all on my MacBook. This is going to be a big project organizing them. Some of the pic's are already part of a file but are also saved as single pic's on other DVD's.

As many of the pic's will duplicates is there a way to get rid of single duplicate pic's when the pic is already organized in a file?
If not, is there a program that will tell you that a pic is also somewhere else in the computer? This would make things much easier.

I have a external hard drive that I use for Time Machine. Is there a way to partition the hard driver so that I can put all the pic's on hard drive and not lose them when hard driver starts to get full and delete old backups OR should I just get another external hard driver and just put pic's on it?

01-18-2017, 12:36 AM
Bit upside down? Yosemite runs iPhotos. Photos for later operating systems. You can partition a TM drive, but I guess it will depend how long it has been is use for and how much spare space it has. I would invest in a second external drive just for your pics. The problem then is all drives fail, some sooner than others. It may be worth looking at an large SSD which will be quite expensi ve. I am sure someone will assist with the XP problem. I personally wouldn't even try it with a nine year old computer. Slow graphics with a 64MB memory, slow processor 2GB and extremely limited memory 2GB maximum.

01-18-2017, 01:22 PM
So Photos is the new version.

I have Yosemite 10.10.5 and have Photos. Went to look for Iphoto as it was no longer in the Toolbar. Found it in Application but it has a "Circle with a line through it" and when I click on it it says "In order to open “iPhoto”, you need to update to the latest version. The version of iPhoto installed on this Mac is not compatible with OS*X*Yosemite. Download the latest version for free from the Mac App Store." When i click on Search For App button on the message, I got "Item Not Available. The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store."

Not knowing I had Photos, I Googled to see what happened to Iphoto, found a sit saying Iphoto was no longer supported on older MacBooks machines and there was an app called Photos in Application that my pic's were stored. Looks like I read bad information. So I have had Photos sense I downloaded Yosemite and didn't even know it.

Back to my question.
So with my older machine, downloading all the pic's might slow my machine down. Guess I could download some of the pic's, organize them then put them on a DVD so not to fill up my hard drive.