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01-09-2017, 01:18 AM
Ever since subscribing to Apple Music (still on the free trial) personal music that I download to iTunes on my MacBook Air will not sync to my iPhone 6 anymore. This if frustrating, since there are tracks I want to be able to use and study off-line, anywhere I go. I can access the tracks on Homesharing, but there is no import feature in Apple Music on my iPhone, so when I close iTunes on my MacBook or leave the house, I'm SOL.

I read an article that said you need a subscription to both AM and iTunes match in order to download personal music, but then I read later article saying that as of 2016, the two services had merged and you only needed a subscription to AM for all services. What gives? Is there no way to download personal tracks from CDs or vinyl, nor homespun ringtones, etc. anymore?? Or am I just missing something? I am running El Capitan on my MBA (latest iOS on iPhone). Do I need to update to Sierra to make this happen?

Sorry. Nevermind...I found the problem. I did not have these boxes checked in my iTunes preferences:


My iPhone icon disappeared from iTunes after this change, tho, I guess that means that my iPhone will be synced/backed up automatically with iTunes Cloud? Can anybody confirm?

01-09-2017, 11:24 AM
If you want to upload to cloud then download to your phone the iCloud settings you've chosen will work (this uses the Apple Music version of iTunes match).

If you want to manually sync Music from iTunes you need to turn iCloud music library off. So just depends on what you want really.

The iCloud or iTunes backup settings is something different and is found on the Device Summary screen in iTunes.

Regardless of your iCloud Music library settings your device should show up in itunes. If it's not restart your Mac and your phone and try again