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12-25-2016, 01:09 PM
Enjoy the holidays folks

I download a lot of "old time radio" shows (aka OTR) through Internet Archive and from iTunes podcasts. These come in as mp3 files which I export to iTunes. A lot of the time the "song name" (read "that shows's episode name") and the file name do not match.

For instance:
1. I download two tracks of a show called "The Brooklynguy Adventures".
2. The Finder track names and extensions are thebrooklynguyadventures_001.mp3 and thebrooklynguyadventures_002.mp3 (usually a lot longer of a name but still numbered consecutively).
3. The track names in iTunes are "The Kitty With Ten Lives Affair" and "The Doggy Do Affair".
4. I want to rename the files to match the iTunes' track names.
5. Normally I might have hundreds of tracks for a specific show. Very timely to do this one at a time.

Finder will not do this but iTunes should be able to, possibly through a script or Automator? The complete opposite of Doug's Filenames to Song Names script?

Any thoughts or ways to do this would be very helpful.

(Use Applescript too infrequently to be knowledgable.)

12-25-2016, 08:21 PM
Is there anything useful you could use in this article???

iTunes for Mac: Edit song and CD information

I don't use iTunes much at all.

- Patrick