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12-19-2016, 02:11 PM
Hi! I'm trying to get a video to fade out along with the audio in iMovie, but the video is black way before the audio is done fading (see image attachment). The other photo I've attached is showing "Show Precision Editor" when you right click on the fade-to-black transition.

Ive tried for several hours now to get the audio and video fade out to sync. Its so annoying to spend so much time on something that should be very simple!

Anyone know how to do it?

Thanks for any replies!

12-19-2016, 04:25 PM
The video goes black before the audio fades for the simple reason that the video is shorter than the audio, by 21 seconds looking at the times that you've circled.

You could:
Add a black background at the beginning of the video and adjust it's length, and move the audio track to the left, until you get your required fade out.
Add some extra video to do the same.
Adjust the speed of the video; ie, slow it down, to get the fade out.
Use a shorter audio track.

12-19-2016, 04:49 PM
Thanks for reply! On the lower image you can see that the video is actually longer than the audio. I dont get it: on the lower image you can see the dark diagonal line to decide where the fade out is going to be. The line tells it to get completely black when the audio ends. but instead it gets completely black in the center of the diagonal line (you can't see this on the image ofc but it happens when its played).ill experiment a bit with your suggestions! actually I can make it to fit the audio by starting the fade out more far to the right to match it with the audio. But then i have more than 10 sec with a black screen and no audio :P Hope my english make sense...

12-20-2016, 04:43 PM
On the lower image you can see that the video is actually longer than the audio. I dont get it
No. I don't get it either.

To get what you want, the video must be the same length as the audio in the first picture.

02-19-2017, 04:40 PM
Open your iMovie program and select the iMovie project you want to add a fade to. ...
Go to the "Windows" tab located along the top pane of your iMovie program.
Scroll down the menu and select the "Transitions" option (for Mac users the shortcut is "Command -> 4").
Select the "Fade Through Black" transition option.
This is going to help you.

02-20-2017, 06:56 AM
This is going to help you.
Not until the video is the same length as the audio. ;D