View Full Version : Running multiple instances of quicktime for live video

12-04-2016, 10:53 PM
Hi, could anybody help me understand this?

I am trying to figure out a way that I can view live feeds of multiple iOS cameras on my iMac. The best idea/method I have so far is to run multiple instances of the quicktime app, and in each I select New Movie Recording, which allows me to view a live feed of an iOS device connected via lighting cable. It works awesome but Quicktime only allows me to have one live feed open at a time. To get around that, I found out how to open multiple instances of Quicktime simultaneously ( entering open n /Applications/QuickTime\ Player.app in terminal) and I can view multiple live feeds at once. Great! Only problem is for some reason, after I have 2-3 live feeds running, when I try to open anymore, it doesn’t work - it just pops up “The operation could not be completed”. I don’t understand while it would allow 3 but not 4, or sometimes it allows two but not 3. Does anybody know why this would be happening? It doesn’t seem to be a computing power problem as the computer is running just fine up to speed throughout. Does anybody know a solution to this problem? Or a different way to achieve this goal? Thanks! Dan

12-04-2016, 11:04 PM
I've moved this thread to the Movies and Video area as that seems a more appropriate place than the lounge. Perhaps that will lead to a few more answers.