View Full Version : Can't Edit Playlist in Itunes 12.2

12-01-2016, 09:44 PM
My wife is running Itunes on a recent Mac Pro with El Capitan. She recorded her own voice reading some books for our grandchildren in Garageband. That part worked fine. She then exported those tracks to iTunes. That worked. She created a playlist and transferred the tracks. That worked. She then double-clicked on the title, renamed it, and rearranged the tracks. Somehow at this point, the rearrangement was lost. So she clicked on "Edit Playlist", and got a window with Match preferences. She does not have nor want a Match account - indeed, she does not have nor want an iTunes store account; I already have one and one is enough. I logged her machine into my account, and turned off syncing across devices. But the Match window still comes up. How can she open the playlist, rearrange the tracks, and save it keeping that new order without Match?

Thanks in advance.

12-01-2016, 10:05 PM
Take a look at this article. It might help.



12-02-2016, 10:55 AM
I cannot claim a solution nor even that it necessarily helps; but if your wife has El Capitan on her Mac, the latest version of iTunes is which is several versions ahead of what your wife is using.

Updating to this latest version is advised because there have been a few biggish changes and a lot of minor ones, not including fixes for security vulnerabilities, since 12.2 (as you say in your header) or (as you say in your text).

And yes, it's best if iTunes Match is disabled for what you are doing.