View Full Version : Video editor needs advice picking out an external hard drive

11-19-2016, 12:59 PM
Hello! I hope I am posting in the right section.. Let me know if not! First time poster here and excited to be apart of the community..

So I just experienced a terrible situation where I dropped my 1TB WD My passport for mac that was completely full with video files.. I plugged it in to my MacBook and it started making this glitch humming noise. I brought it into a local shop and they said there's nothing they can do and suggested to send it to drive savers... Now I know they are going to charge me around $2000 to recover my data which is insane so I probably will just be forgetting about this hard drive. It's all old movie projects that are complete but still would be great to have...

Anyway, now I'm paranoid and have learned my lesson about having a back up of each hard drive. I have a few more externals that are full with data that need to b backed up- so my questions are:

1. Can I back up all my hard drives to one massive external? Or is it better to just get a separAte external hard drive for each hard drive?

2. I know there are tons of recommendations on the web but was curious what's a good durable hard drive that has low failure rates. I want these hard drives and files to last as long as possible. I should of had a case for my passport..

I'm looking at the GDrive ev ATC USB Portable Hard drive because it looks solid and has good reviews .

Does it matter much between seagate and my passport and others? I want something durable and long lasting.

3. I video edit on Final Cut Pro x and I go through a lot of footage so I'm guessing a HDD will be better for me over a SSD?

4. And finally, anti static bags and a case should be enough for long time storage right?

Thank you for the advice!