View Full Version : Garage Band help needed.

10-24-2016, 01:59 PM
Hello everyone.
I need your help and will much appreciate it. I wanna record some instruments in my garageband on my Macbook pro 13 Inch El capitan. I have the 10.1.2 Garage band version and I use the iRig and the Irig Mic for recording, and im having TWO big problems.

I will start with the big one.
While im recording either on the Irig or the Irig Mic the track loses power, its kind hard to explain and thats why im leaving a screenshot of the tracks(you can see the volume of the track going down by itself, and a audio of the same so you can listen it yourself)
Both the Irig devices work perfecty on my Ipod Touch so I know its not that(but its difficult recording on that small device as you might know) and I have tested diferent guitars.
Heres the audio so you can listen: https://youtu.be/zMIaLAuT-x0

The other Issue im having is that I can use the monitor while playing guitar, When I turn on the monitor the volume goes super low and if I try to volume up a weird and very loud High pitch starts to sound, I try to put the tone of the guitar amp in garagaband down but it doesnt matter and its hard to record like that
Please help!!
I will appreciate it and be happy haha.