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08-09-2016, 03:16 PM
I am using a macbook ( El Capitan) and am having problems with photos multiplying over devices.
I am sure this must be user error but cannot figure out how to stop it. In some cases there are 5 copies of the same image. I saved all my photos to a external hard rive and cleaned them all off the computer, iPhone, iPad and started over. It was fine for a week or so and now it has started again. It almost looks like they are importing themselves every time I connect my phone to the computer but I cannot work out how to stop it.

Can I stop using iCloud altogether and just back up to iTunes? Would that be beneficial.

I am 71 and doing my best to keep up with but sometimes work arounds slip past the keeper. :)

Your input would be greatly valued so thank you in anticipation.

Rod Sprague
08-10-2016, 01:03 AM
Hi Liz_M_, I nam 64 so maybe I qualify to assist you.
Your asked, "Can I stop using iCloud altogether and just back up to iTunes? Would that be beneficial. The answer to that is YES. But you don't need to stop using iCloud altogether, just the services that pertain to Photos. It is possible that what you are seeing are not duplicates but the same photo in different Albums. For example a recently taken photo may be found in All Photos, Recent Photos and My Photo Stream if that option has been ticked in iCloud Photo options.
Until recently I had what you are proposing, no iCloud syncing services (on my computer and devices) other than Contacts, Calendars, Notes and Find My Mac. I strongly suggest you remain logged into your iCloud account on all devices and keep the aforementioned preferences running as they do no harm and can be a great advantage.
So long as you have a backup of your computer you can then just sync to that for Photos (and Music too if you prefer).
That means it will work just like a camera, download your photos, offer to erase them on the iPhone and you get to choose which ones you want to keep on the phone. The same with Music (unless you have an iTunes music library subscription).
This really makes life a lot simpler and if it weren't for my contributions to this and other forums that is the way I would have kept it but I can't advise on something I've never used.
If you have previously opted for an iCloud Photos library just ensure that you have all of your photos on you computer before switching your iCloud Photos preferences off and bear in mind changes may take a while to take effect. In the meantime you can delete duplicates from the All Photos Album. Just be sure they are actually duplicates. If you command click (right click on mouse) and select Get Info you will be able to compare the file names.

08-10-2016, 01:48 PM
Thank you Rod, for your very quick and concise response. I shall do as you suggest as it is taking too much time.

Best regards

Rod Sprague
08-10-2016, 08:28 PM
Yep, if you don't need it then you can switch it off. Prior to the multiple iCloud services of today I only used Contacts, Notes and Find My Mac syncing everything else to my laptop, just make sure you have a complete backup of your computer as I did and you should be safe.

08-10-2016, 10:35 PM
Thanks again. I have downloaded all the originals from iCloud to my macbook and now photos is switched off on devices and from here I will sync them through iTunes. Photos that I value and all my art stuff, I keep on an external hard drive too. I still have the other functions in iCloud. Calendar, contacts, notes. :)