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08-02-2016, 11:58 AM
I went to do some live recording last night using mics in an open room ran through a two channel DI. Basically sound checked and made sure we had a decent rough mix and continued to record. After each song I would click "Save as" and name it whatever, then I would erase the tracks and start recording the next song, when it was done again I would click "Save as" and name it whatever, then erase again. When I went back to open the saved files all the tracks are showing up that they don't exist. The reason I chose to do it the way I was doing, is so that we would have the exact settings with each take, and to not have to start a new project and set up tracks between each take. Does anyone know why I don't have the files? Is it because of the way I'd "save as" then erase? Any help is greatly appreciated.

08-02-2016, 01:46 PM
I use logic mainly, so, here's a possible shot in the dark.

Usually programs like this have a program file, and then the related audio files. If you have another GB file with those audio files in it, and you delete them, you may also be deleting the actual audio files associated with the GB file, and when you open the other GB file, the file opens but those audio files have been deleted. I wonder if deleting the actual track instead of deleting the audio would work, but then maybe you'd lose your settings.

This is why I put every project file in it's own folder with associated audio files.

Maybe look into if you can create a GB template? (not sure if it does)

Again I don't use GB much, but it struck me as the possible issue.