View Full Version : Importing photos from Huawei P9 to Photos - Date Stamp Problem

07-22-2016, 09:38 AM
Hi all,

This is the first time in eons that I have had a non-apple phone and I have found myself with a Huawei P9. SO far so good... Except that I am on holiday and have taken tons of photos with the camera, which I love. However when I go to import them to my Macbook Air in Photos. They pop up with various 1970's date stamps - which means they are all out of order.

I have googled for the last two days but really found nothing useful to help. I downloaded Coolmuster Android Assistant which would only allow me to download one photo at a time. I did a few and they DID go to the correct point chronologically. So I know that this is not an issue with the phone's stamping, but with the transfer. The full version of Coolmuster though is $40 a year and I am really looking for a free fix.

Currently I am just plugging the phone in to my Air via USB and clicking 'Photos' on the phone - which opens up the photos app. However, I don't want them all in a random order - and I've also found that it downloads the stock images that came with the phone - also a bit frustrating!

Can anyone help me here with a free fix?



07-22-2016, 02:22 PM
Why don't you use "Image Capture" on your MacBook Air to import the photos rather than let the Photos app import them? With Image Capture you can control where the photos will go and what order you wish them to be in.