View Full Version : More confusion for me!

barb mann
05-04-2016, 03:03 AM
Thanks senior member. Wow more confusion for me! I had photoshop buying it from adobe and my computer PC refused to turn on?? so I got out my Mac which I left at a friend's house cuz I thought it didn't work. So when I tried to download Adobe didn't answer closed acct said I didn't pay . But I did and it went to another acct. called paypal who said they could get my $ back , no PS , Just BS and they took out this month's pay.

I couldn't get Mr. Mac to do a thing except email. And that was now in places of "who put this here" and is my mother inside Mr. Cube? I discovered all mail.

Now can't get photos to attach. they are in photos, then MOMENTS, how sweet. Now I haven't a clue.
Will my free thing do this for me? I'm an artist , 3rd time lung cancer , no gallery only my bog site and facebook but I like to get my art message out there, wake up world.
There's me, my life history.

So Mr. Senior Member I thank you for sharing this with Macers here and me, listening to me ranting and a perhaps more info. Thanks again.