View Full Version : Audio glitches after importing smartphone MP4 video

04-09-2016, 03:27 AM
This has been driving me insane. I'm using the latest iMovie (10.x etc.) on my various Macs but my smartphone-shot MP4 videos acquire little pops and artefacts as part of the import process. They're not so loud as to make the main audio unusable, but are definitely distracting. You can hear the effect in my output (not sure if I'm allowed to post links yet, so look for "Phones Show 276" on YouTube, for example, see the sections where it's just me talking and turn the volume up, etc.)

The original MP4 audio is fine, I've previewed that in other apps and importing the same MP4 videos into the old iMovie 9.0.4 (which I still have as well!) results in perfect audio.

So it seems as though it's some sort of 'intelligent' processing being done by iMovie 10. Any ideas, anyone? Pretty please?