View Full Version : Moving from Apple's Photos app to Google Photos

Chris H.
03-16-2016, 08:12 PM
After searching a few pages online about how to smoothly do this, it seems there's no real straight answer out there.

I've read so far that:

1) Importing the Photos.library file into the Google Photos Manager would do the trick, but this doesn't make sense to me...

2) Exporting all 20,000 of my photos from the Photos app into a folder and then telling Google Photos Manager to upload all 20,000 photos from that point on - does this preserve my albums at all? Last time I tried to export any large number of photos (namely for an art collage project) from Photos, things went badly (including full system lock up, Photos hanging, Photos crashing) - perhaps this has been fixed as of late, but I'm wary over this.

3) Should I just go to a Google forum about this? (I have yet to see any search result on a search engine pointing to any forum on Google's support pages).

Frankly, I like the idea of unlimited storage, none of my photography has exceed the 16 MP limit (though I do have pano photographs from the iPhone 6 that are what, at least 43 MP? I wonder how badly these would get compressed on Google Photos), and frankly, I can only expand my Mac mini's storage capacity so many times before it becomes a problem again (I am a shutterbug). Moreover, my next phone may be an Android phone, and not by choice...Android File Transfer I hear is horrible on the Mac, and I'm pretty sure since my last Android phone that they don't play nicely with the Mac and vice versa.