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02-25-2016, 01:03 AM
I would like to create a website for an event we are going to host this June in my town. We've formed a committee and have been meeting for the past few months trying to structure this event. The event is going to be a scholarship fundraiser for a scholarship in my sister's name who passed away last year as a passenger in an a car accident. The scholarship is run by Dollars for Scholars. They are a bit old fashion as their online donation system is a bit complicated (I wonder if I could "Autofill" certain boxes as I'm afraid people would not specify which scholarship they are donationing to and the donation would get lost) and they seem to prefer donations by mail. Although we've been looking into ways to allow online donations that work with their system. It seems they just need a ledger with name and address and the donated amount to complete their end. However since we ourselves don't have a 501(c)(3) the online donations would be subject to taxes and any other fees from the payment portal before we would be able to give it to the dollars for scholars (verse a check sent by mail from the donator to Dollars for scholars being exempt under their 501(c)(3) and untouched.)

Anyways I must create a website within a week. I tried Facebook but it doesn't have the right set up for the specifics I need for this event (But I am still going to use if as a secondary page.) There will be a Volleyball tournament and so people will have to submit an application (with waivers) to create a team for a fee (just like all legitimate volleyball tournaments only in this case all proceeds go to the scholarship.) Hopefully I can do this online and I've heard briefly about a system local clubs use. Then there needs to be several other informational pages about whats going on at the event and how to apply for the scholarship if they are student, stuff I can add my self through various pages. We also plan on having a raffle or silent auction, but that might take place at the event to avoid confusion. We are also going to be providing food but we are still working out how people will pay if at all for any food. We will also need a way for people to volunteer, so maybe a integrated messaging system of some sort? possibly just a basic contact form or I could go the old fashion way and just have an email address/phone number they can reach.

So I've been looking at Weebly, ConstantContact, SquareSpace, etc... And I am just confused about where to start this whole project and what kind of things I will need. I want it to be simple yet have a couple of more advanced features just so everything is in one place and is organized and somewhat automated. Kind of like the typical website 5k Runs use.
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. I just need a push in the right direction.

02-25-2016, 04:39 PM
Big task blues. Nearly a job for a professional. Suggest looking at Wix Help Centre and see if anything helps there.