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02-05-2016, 01:12 PM
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Based on Apple's privacy policy (https://www.apple.com/privacy/approach-to-privacy/), the followings are encrypted in the cloud; my area of interest is in bold:


iCloud Keychain

Find My iPhone
Find My Friends
Mail (encrypted in transit)

My guess is that synchronous encryption is being utilized instead of the more complex asynchronous encryption. In another word, the password will be used as seed for the "at least 128-bit EAS" encryption, allowing to decrypt the data if and when accessed from different devices. Obviously, strong password should be used for this type of encryption.

If it's so, that would explain why Apple:

Cannot read the encrypted data
Nor can it provide recovering the password

My question is... How does one go about to encrypt the data in the iCloud? Would that need to be done on Apple devices and/or can it be done through the web interface of the iCloud? My guess is that the data would need to be encrypted prior to uploading it to the iCloud, correct? Yes, I do have an Apple ID that have never been used for the iCloud...

PS: I realize that this is probably just a mundane task for most of you, but can be confusing for newbies...

02-08-2016, 01:51 PM
iCloud based synchronization works, sort of...

It makes a mess of Outlook by creating new folders and moving the contact and calendar data to the new folders. It's pretty much puts the iCloud in to the driver seat, so to speak, instead of relying on Outlook to control the contact and calendar. That's not what I was looking for, next up is iTunes, but I'll need to get my iPhones first for that.

There's also an app waiting in the wing, if the iTunes synchronization isn't suitable for my needs. Thanks Phone Girl!