View Full Version : Old iMovie Files - Stills stored in "Still Images" Quicktime file, not updating

11-19-2015, 01:30 PM
So I came into a new company that was using imovie for their video work (not a substantial chunk of their work at the time), and recently we've had to update their video projects to work with the latest versions of imovie. We copied the libraries and all associated events using the commands in iMovie onto an external harddrive. In most cases iMovie see's them fine, but in some it shows 'missing media' for some still images.

Well after some trouble shooting I've found that the still images were actually rolled into a "Still Images" quicktime file in the previous versions of iMovie. So for instance, if I go onto the disk, to the imovie library and choose show package contents, in the folder of the project there is a "Still Images" file that is a quicktime video of all the still images in the original project. But the current version of quicktime won't play these files. I downloaded quicktime 7 vr and it plays them just fine.

So, for whatever reason imovie used to roll stills into a quicktime container and reference them there, and now we can't get the new version of iMovie to observe these references. I desperately need help!

I've found little to no info on any of this out there, which is shocking to me.

Any information is MUCH appreciated!