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11-06-2015, 12:29 AM
Hello! ^
So I'm using Logic Pro X, and I have the Sega Genesis Ultimate Soundfont installed, I want to use that in one of my projects.
However, I need it for a drum track, but the only sound I can squeeze out of it is a generic sound. I want it to use the drum sounds, which I know for a fact are included with the soundfont. It is installed via User Patches (I installed it via Garageband) and when I go to look at it in Track dropdown menu (see screenshot) I can see something that says "Channel: Inst 9". It is grayed out and I cannot interact with it. One thing I do take note of though is how it is listed as "Inst 9". Does this mean that if I could get it ungrayed out, I could change what instrument/sound it was playing?

Here is a link to download the soundfont I'm talking about: