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Rod Sprague
11-05-2015, 07:54 AM
Today I updated via the Combi Update from the App store to OS X 10.11.1. This of course brought Photos up to version 1.2 and i have to say it seems snappier than the previous version. Also today I went shopping for stone carvings for our garden. My wife and i went to several stores and i kept a photo record of the shop names and the statues we looked at using one of my favourite iOS photo apps Camera+. When I got home I exported all the pictures I took from Camera+ to my Camera Roll on the iPhone and all were visible. I then connected my iPhone 5s to my MBP via USB not willing to wait until Photo Stream synced all the pictures across to Photos. The Photos app identified 135 new photos to import and so I clicked import all new photos.
Photos then proceeded to load about 12 pictures that were already in the Camera Roll but only showed icons for the rest. Eventually a window appeared saying there was a problem importing not 123 pictures but 2. Also the alert window which I could not resize only showed part of the message to the left of the right boarder. So in frustration I opened iPhoto only to find the same issue, Image Capture the same. Each one balked at the import and disconnected from the iPhone. So now I am suspecting there is something wrong with Camera+ but I had one trick left up my sleeve. Some time back I downloaded a package of Apps from MacForums Deals which included iMazing. I had never used this app for anything before but I started it up, selected Photos and low and behold there were previews of all my pictures from today. Holding my breath I clicked export and selected a location, the view changed to a list and i noted that all images were TIFF format. I selected all and hit OK. less than a minute later all photos were in a folder on my desktop. All opened with Preview so I opened Photos app and imported the contents of the folder into Photos, no problem, all imported perfectly. This did not happen with the previous version of Photos but I am still unsure which to point the finger of blame. Is it Camera+, or the new Photos app. I updated Camera+ about two weeks ago and it did work fine. I am a bit concerned about the alert message, there was definitely something wrong with that but iPhoto displayed the same behavior.

11-05-2015, 01:48 PM
Can't help you with Camera + but wanted to mention that I also have "iMazing" (and iExplorer); both apps can save your "iBackside" when things go wrong trying to transfer photos, music, or whatever from the phone to your Mac.

But back to the problem... are you sure it wasn't operator error with Camera +? :P

Rod Sprague
11-05-2015, 06:56 PM
Well I have cleared everything, Camera Roll is now empty and Lightbox (the folder that Camera+ keeps photos for review and editing). The normal process is that after review/edit you select the photos you want and export to Camera Roll and that happened successfully, all photos were viewable in iOS Photos.

Rod Sprague
11-05-2015, 06:59 PM
I will try to replicate the issue today with just a few photos.